Exalta Health, formerly Health Intervention Services, was established in 1996 by local physicians, nurses, social workers, pastors, and business people to serve underprivileged women with faith-centered medical care. The acronym HIS was created to represent the Christian motivation for service. The mission quickly expanded to include all those without access to health care. Located in the Burton Heights area of Grand Rapids since 1998, Exalta Health became a trusted resource for healthcare in the West Michigan community.

In 2017 to more accurately communicate who we are and what we do, our name was changed to Exalta Health lifting up health and praising God who makes this work possible. Time has also brought other changes including integrating behavioral health into our physical health team, measuring our impact on patients and the community, focusing on the social factors that determine health, and supporting people where they live and work.

What remains the same through these changes is our commitment to improving the health of our community motivated by our belief in the healing power of Jesus.

Our Mission

Exalta Health reflects the spirit of Christ by providing compassionate, accessible healthcare.

Case for Support

Staff & Volunteers
We surround a small core of caring and competent staff (part and full time) with many enthusiastic, mission driven volunteers. We average 130 active volunteers each month ranging from doctors and dentists to our maintenance staff. Volunteers are at many different points in their careers ranging from college students to full time employees to retirees. This diversity creates a dynamic environment.

Patient Responsibility
Our patients are expected to take responsibility for their care by making payments they can afford at the time services are provided.Community Resources To work effectively within the healthcare system, Exalta Health participates in several Medicaid programs and health insurance plans. We also help patients to access assistance for prescribed medications.

Integrated Care
Our integrated healthcare services—including physical, vision, dental, behavioral and spiritual care—are provided to our community, promoting wellness for all.

“I am so thankful! The staff is all so friendly. The spiritual atmosphere is such a blessing. They are genuinely concerned. They don’t talk down to you or make you feel bad about your problem. They understand your struggles.”

– Doris
Exalta Health Dental Patient

We rely on the kindness of our donors and volunteers.

If you have a heart to help, please consider supporting Exalta Health.