Author: Donna Wilson

The Collision of Faith, Hope and Love

Jim Samuelson had a pretty traditional path on the road to becoming a doctor. There was a good, solid education at East Grand Rapids High School, then the University of Michigan for undergrad studies, Wayne State for medical school and finally a residency at Butterworth Hospital. But somewhere along the way, his predictable path took... Read more »

Hopeful for the Future

Shawn grew up living an active lifestyle. He was involved in sports, loved basketball and after high school worked in physically demanding jobs like construction and as a journeyman electrician. But already at a young age, Shawn began experiencing some back pain and an MRI at 18 revealed degenerative disk disease. His doctor at the... Read more »

Church Brochure is an Answer to Prayers

Magnolia and Armando owned their own business in Guatemala City. With her background as an accountant and his as a successful salesman, they both sold appliances wholesale and also owned a furniture factory. However, when the economy in Guatemala began to rapidly fail, the two lost everything they'd worked so hard to build. With extended... Read more »

On the Long Road to Recovery

Dwane's struggles with alcohol had lasted a lifetime. He began drinking at age 16, was in and out of prison due to multiple DUIs, went to court-mandated rehab numerous times but kept returning to the same habits and patterns. He also experienced various health complications related to the alcoholism, including atrial fibrillation and a heart... Read more »

From Cancer to Donors: Advocates for Exalta Health

While working as a medical transcriptionist, Dawn heard about Exalta Health from longtime volunteer Dr. Jim Samuelson. At the time she and Bobby, her husband of 37 years, did not have insurance, so it was a blessing that they both were able to become patients at Exalta Health. The dimensions of that blessing would become... Read more »