Church Brochure is an Answer to Prayers

Magnolia and Armando owned their own business in Guatemala City. With her background as an accountant and his as a successful salesman, they both sold appliances wholesale and also owned a furniture factory. However, when the economy in Guatemala began to rapidly fail, the two lost everything they’d worked so hard to build.

With extended family already in the U.S., Armando and Magnolia journeyed north, first to look for work as a couple and then with their children joining them later.  Eventually the family made its way to Grand Haven and began both attending Covenant Life Church and working there cleaning.

Armando battled cancer in 2002 and because of the intensive chemo and radiation, he now has continued health problems. However, the family did not have insurance and could not afford medical or dental care. One day while cleaning the church though, they saw a brochure about Exalta Health. It was an answer to prayers.

Prior to coming to Exalta Health, Armando said he was not able to afford the dental care he needed. Now he has a place to meet his primary dental and medical needs. Magnolia also comes to Exalta Health for medical and dental services.

“We can have good care at Exalta Health that we can’t afford in another place,” said Magnolia. The two now have Medicaid, and Magnolia encourages anyone who is looking for medical or dental help to come to Exalta Health. “I think it’s a good decision, even if you have insurance. They help people here. The doctors here don’t pay attention if you’re a person with or without insurance. The treatment is the same.”