Clinton Walker – Our Organization’s Number-One Cheerleader

When it comes to Exalta Health, Clinton Walker consider himself more than just a patient. He’s also the organization’s number-one cheerleader.

“I tell everyone I know,” he says, “I tell everyone I know. I must have sent three or four people there already. I’m telling you the people are phenomenal. It’s a gift from God.”

And though the 67-year-old Gary, Ind., native counts attending high school with the two oldest Jackson brothers, of Jackson Five fame, as a brush with the stars, these days it’s Exalta Health dental director Dr. Daniel Armstrong he considers a true hero.

During a recent bout with severe mouth pain, and not knowing where to turn in the midst of COVID-19, Walker heard about the Exalta Health dental services. He got in to see Armstrong who took X-rays and determined a couple of extractions were necessary.

“I didn’t feel a thing,” Walker recalls. “I had to ask him ‘are you done already,’ and he was! I thanked him all the way home, all the way home.”

For Armstrong it wasn’t quite “A B C, easy as one, two, three,” but he was pleased that Walker perceived it as such.

“He certainly had two bad teeth,” Armstrong said, “and they were removed without much trouble, but it’s always music to my ears to have a patient have such a good experience.”