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Health insurance is not necessary to be a patient at Exalta Health. In fact, we specialize in serving those who do not have insurance. However, many people who are eligible for affordable insurance do not have it. We can help you sort out if you are eligible and how to sign up if you are.

Insurance Qualification

Not sure if you qualify for medical insurance coverage? We can help! We will help you see if you qualify for Healthy Michigan Medicaid and Affordable Care Act marketplace plans. If you do, we will help you decide what plan is best for you.

Medical Cost Resources

Prescription medication can be the most expensive part of health care. We can help you find the most affordable prescription medications. Financial assistance directly from the drug companies may be available even if you don’t have prescription drug coverage as part of an insurance plan. Working together as a care team, we can provide exceptional care – at a reasonable price!

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Since Fidelina was originally referred to us, we have been able to help her in many ways. Our Patient Navigator was able to help her find insurance coverage. He also has found short term supplies of her expensive medications. Read Full Testimonial

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