A Mouth Full of Stones

But patience and professional care changes that

My wife and I both had serious issues with our teeth. I had really bad breath. I didn’t want to laugh out loud or open my mouth. We heard about [Exalta Health] and I am so glad we did. I needed two teeth pulled to start and right away the bad smell was less obvious. Then Sandra (dental hygienist) cleaned my teeth. During the cleaning, littles “stones” seemed to be breaking off in my mouth and I was worried that those “stones” were parts of my teeth; but they were not —the stones were chunks of built-up tartar! Sandra didn’t make me feel bad about my teeth; she just told me the truth and patiently cleaned them. It took four sessions but when she was done, I felt fantastic! Then I needed some cavities filled. The dentists took care of some of those too.

I am so thankful to God for the services my wife and I received. When I see someone with a problem like mine or my wife’s, I let them know that there is a place where they can go to get help.

Thank you, God, for the people at [Exalta Health].