Amazing Guidance

Professional medical care, a long ways from home

Missionaries Hannah and Jonathan, on leave from India, came for a check-up before going back.

“Our hearts are filled with gratitude for God’s amazing guidance in [our medical care]. God led us to the best team of doctors. Dr. Susan Radecky [volunteer] guided us to [Exalta Health] where the doctors provided excellent care. From that initial exam Victor was sent to Dr. Joel Green [off-site volunteer] who gave Jonathan an immediate appointment. Minor surgery, scheduled the very next day, revealed a hidden tumor. The rushed lab test showed … cancer. Dr. Green prayed with Hannah and our friends who were in the waiting room before conducting the more extensive surgery with much diligence. Dr. Green was concerned that Jonathan’s voice be preserved because he is a preacher of God’s word. We give God all the glory who beautifully orchestrated everything.”